Financial Aid


The city of Nice is offering financial assistance and accommodation for those involved in the writing or the rewriting of long feature films or long feature audio-visual  works.

As part of its policy on the development of film and audiovisual activity, the city of Nice has  set up a fund aimed at helping with the writing or re-writing of long feature film screenplays and long feature audio-visual creation. This screenwriting assistance program is provided through financial support and a residency program for a maximum of four weeks. It is aimed at seasoned scriptwriters who have duly signed a contract with a production company.

This assistance is designed to allow scriptwriters to write and finalize their project while giving them the opportunity to concentrate on their work in optimal conditions. It also allows them to ignore material constraints, for a limited length of time, and acquaint themselves with the beautiful natural setting of a welcoming cosmopolitan city.
This aid also concerns the completed script of a film whose production is already underway and whose topic is likely to contribute to enhancing the artistic and cultural image of the city both nationally and internationally.


  • Are eligible the production companies that have signed a contract with scriptwriters or author-directors for the development of a given project whether it be a long-feature film or long feature audiovisual works.
  • The scriptwriters and the author-directors as represented by their production company should possess solid experience in the making of a long feature film, actually released in theatres and shown on a national television channel. This goes also for a long feature audiovisual work which should have been broadcast on a national television channel.
  • In the case of a long-feature film, the presence of a distributor is is a determining factor in the eligibility of the dossier thus submitted.
  • As in the case of a long feature audiovisual work, the presence of a broadcaster regarding the forecast funding of the work is compulsory.
  • Production companies should hold an activity authorization issued by the Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l’Image Animée (CNC).

Eligibility criteria


  • Are eligible the scripts of long feature films or those of long feature audiovisual works that require additional writing work or whose subject matter, already clearly defined, may be seen as enhancing the artistic and the cultural image of the city of Nice both on a national and on an international level.
  • Are eligible those long-feature films or audiovisual works whose final script is likely to contribute to enhancing the artistic and cultural image of the city both nationally and internationally.
  • The language of production should be French. The package of assistance as set up by the city of Nice is not exclusive, it may be combined with other schemes.

Project selection process

It is up to a reading commitee, made up of professionals, to examine the various projects and to determine the winner. The reading committee will meet once a year, but depending on the circumstances, it may need to meet twice in the same calendar year. The commitee of experts will assess the artistic quality of the project and, on the basis of the documents provided by the producer, will also examine its feasibility. Following the commitee’s proposal, financial support will be granted to up to two projects.
The length of residence of the scriptwriter or that of the author-director will be determined in accordance with the production company and will not exceed four weeks.

The city of Nice obligations

The financial support provided amounts to 40,000 €


  • The city of Nice agrees to pay the production company selected by the reading committee, a financial aid of a maximum amount of 40, 000 € and a minimum of 10,000 €.
  • Such aid may be attributed to either one or several projects. It is up to the reading committee to decide how to distribute it.
  • the City of Nice also agrees, this being limited to two applications,  to ensure, if necessary, that a maximum amount of 7500 € meant to cover accommodation and restaurant costs, is allocated to the scriptwriter and/or the author-director for a maximum period of four weeks. The sum also includes two return flights from Nice to Paris.
    Depending on the project, the term of the residency may be split into four oneweek stays or into two two-week stays for two people.
  • Should the scriptwriter or author-director reside in Nice, the sum initially allocated for accommodation, may be redirected to location scouting for an equivalent amount that may include hospitality fees for up to a maximum of two people (director, cinematographer, producer, assistant director) over a maximum of two weeks. To qualify, the director and/or the author-director will need to provide proof of identity and proof of residence. The development of the project should include a minimum of ten days’s shooting in Nice.
  • Should the project be already written and, as such, participate in the cultural and artistic enhancing of the city of Nice on both a national and an international level and already in production, the financial aid may be granted upon the proposal of the reading committee while excluding the residency costs.

Production company obligations

The production company has an obligation to shoot, within 6 months, the film on location in Nice for a minimum of ten days, whether the film is being written while the applicant is in residence or benefits from a form of assistance.

  • Should it be impossible for the shooting of the film to actually take place in Nice, the Production company commits itself to paying back the whole sum allocated by the city of Nice on the very first day of the shooting.
  • Should there be a delay in the production schedule, the 6 month delay could be extended provided significant elements were submitted.
  • Should a film shot in Nice attract the threshold of one million viewers, the sum allocated by the city of Nice will be fully reimbursed by the Production company.
  • So as to ensure the payment of the aid to the writing or re-writing of a script, the production company agrees to provide the city of Nice with the contract or those contract that bind(s) them with the author or authors. The production company must also produce the payment vouchers of the sums paid to the author or authors.
  • The Production company commits itself to featuring the support of the city of Nice in the credits and in all the promotional materials. Furthermore, it will provide the city of Nice, with copyright-free footage for its institutional communication, as stated by the Intellectual Property Code regarding copyrights.


The work done while in residence remains the property of both the authors and the producer. It is agreed that the city of Nice will have no right to amend or interfere with the work achieved by the resident.

Nonetheless, to compensate for the potential repayment of the sum allocated by the city of Nice, the city will have a pledge over the tangible and intangible property rights of the film and the Convention should be included by the Production company in the Registre Public du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel.

Address and closing date for application
The application file is available from the Direction du Cinéma de la Ville de Nice. It will be sent on request either by email or conventional mail.

All the files should be handed in or sent by post in six copies before April 30, 2013 (date as per postmark), to the address below:
Ville de Nice
Direction du Cinéma
Acropolis – 1 esplanade Kennedy
06364 Nice cedex 4

For any further information, please contact La Direction du Cinéma de la Ville de Nice by phone : 04 92 04 06 66

Documents to be supplied

– the application form duly filled in and signed
– a short summary
– a synopsis in a maximum of three pages
– the conversational continuity
– the scriptwriter’s note of intention
– a note specifying the main guidelines for the rewriting or possibly, a list of the writers who will participate in the rewriting of the script (co-authors and consultants)
– a résumé of the author or authors and of the director.
– the Production company’s filmography
– the producer’s note of intention stating the reasons for his/her application.
– a copy of the contract with the scriptwriter
– a contract for transfer of copyrights and all the written proofs of the expenses incurred in the writing or rewriting of the project : the purchase of the adaptation
rights, the copy of the contract with an agent, consultation expenses, the
designing of a storyboard, etc…
– a solemn statement stating that the Production company is up-to-date with its
social security contributions
– A copy of the contract with the broadcaster in the case of an audiovisual work.

Any additional document to this list that may enrich the dossier and enhance the feasibility of the project in the eyes of the reading committee will be most welcome. This may include :
– A copy of the contract with the distribution company, in the case of a long-feature film.
– a provisional shooting schedule
– a copy of the agreements entered with the director
– a copy of the agreements entered with the cast
– Any additional information regarding both the financing and the distribution of the film.
– any other document, especially those regarding the preparation of the film

Should the scriptwriter and/or author-director have directed only one long feature film, actually released in theatres and shown on a national television channel, or have directed only one long feature audiovisual work broadcast on a national television channel, it will then be compulsory to supply six copies of a DVD of the first film directed by the applicant or of the first long feature audiovisual work.